Refuses to talk about ex?

my boyfriend won't talk about his ex. I can't say I'm upset about it but I don't know why he says what he does. he will talk about her then stop suddenly and say he doesn't want to talk about it. I'm not too worried about it but id like to know if its a warning sign that he might not be over his past relationship yet. I'm not sure when they broke up exactly but we've been together for 6 months now so I'm not sure if he just doesn't want to talk about her because a lot of girls talk down about guys who talk about their ex or if he still has feelings that come up when he thinks and talks about her but is repressing them.
also it was his first real girlfriend and they were together for a while. am I just worrying too much?


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  • If he did talk about her you'd be bit.ching about that. Omg omg he talks about his ex all the time does it means he still loves her...

    • Agreed. The general rule of thumb is to never talk about your ex, so just leave the matter alone.

    • Haha no, I don't complain if he talks about his ex, obviously he's with me now and not with her so I'm obviously better some how. I would rather him just not bring her up if he's going to not want to talk about it anyway

  • i felt like that before but only because I had a really bad experience with her an it was hard to talk about because I felt really bad from it and didn't wanted to get reminded what happened and if I were not over a girl I might do the same thing but it would also mean she did something that made me feel bad other then that exes are just not interesting to talk about with my current unless I there was a reason to bring up a story to relate too but best to ask why he stop or if bad or something he doesn't like about remembering

    • I don't bring her up, he's the one that does lol

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