My ex is distant after being injured

Im so confused, and frustrated.

Me and my ex separated amicably a few months ago, but remained very close, to the point where he still saw my family. He then had an accident meaning he is housebound for a while while his injuries heal.

Since his accident, he now has totally pushed me away. He is the kindest most generous person I know, and would do anything for anyone and has always been there for me. However now he needs me, he refuses any sort of help, instead accepting help of his friends. He has become distant, and at times is difficult to get hold of (I feel this is deliberate). His texts are of a less caring tone, and he is just different towards me. Its really eating away at me, as I so desperately want to help him - I would do anything for him. What was I supposed to do? I have today decided to back off and leave him be, but it is so hard.


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  • I think he might see himself in this injured state as too weak and un-masculine, and he simply doesn't want you to see him like that. I know it's hard, but do back off for a little bit, until he is back on his feet

    • Thank you. Its so hard though, but I will do that. x

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