Should I get back with my ex?

I've been with guy for over a year but we broke up because he wasn't faithful, he started to only call once a week and barely came to see me. Then it was like he was a stranger I couldn't know what he really does in his everyday life. I know he was busy with his job, friends, and he also have a 3 year old. When I confronted him about the messages of him and other women he changed the subject, but I told him we needed to talk and he couldn't come over that day so we agreed to meet the next day to hang out and talk about some things. I didn't even hear from him till like after a month. then he called saying he was out of town. I realize that I'm not one of his top priorities cause he was acting as if he saw me I guess he didn't care how much I missed him. we talked and that's when I told him we should just be friends. He didn't think much of it and end up calling the next week like nothing happened talking about he's coming over. He was calling me about his baby and stuff. I really don't know if he heard me correctly, didn't hear me when I said we should just be friends,or he just still want to see me. I really still love him but I don't know if he's playing me or really wants to be with me. So basically I just don't know his intentions or if should I trust him to give it another chance
that's what I was thinking but when he was busy he never mention it was because he was busy with his child, it would say its because he's at work,with his friends, playing basketball.I know his child comes 1st,but after that I don't know where I stand


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  • He has a 3 year old no time for you


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  • Well he doesn't honestly seem that into you sorry to break it to you but I really wouldn't chance it if I were you, I would cut him out of your life at least for now


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