My ex hates me and I want to be friends, Help!

My ex and I broke up over a year ago. It ended a bit badly. But even he said that he still wanted to be friends if it didn't work out. He still talks badly about me to his friends, and thinks that I'm always out to get him. I've talked to him about it and he just called me a bitch and denied telling the sh*t to his friends. I loved him with everything I had, and I just want to be at least friends again.


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  • Well he sounds like he's still hurting, and he's acting like he doesn't care. And he called you a b*tch! He does not deserve to be your friend the way he is acting. It's hard to move on from someone you really loved, but the best thing for YOU (and that's what is most important now) is to just remove him from your life for awhile.

    Guys have strange views on relationships with women - friends and dating. While in a relationship with them, they will claim that you are so important to them that if you guys ever broke up, he'd still want to be your friend. But then when the break up actually happens, guys instantly change their minds. They either see you with other men, or suspect you're with other men, and suddenly their once-sweetheart is a b*tch! Because they're jealous. And they slowly realize that there is no chance they can get back with you, so they become frustrated and angry, and try to make you hurt as bad as they are "hurting." It's all ego.

    Guys need to wise up and realize that a friendship can happen with a women that does not have a sexual element and still be satisfying! But he seems immature, thinking he needs to talk badly about you and call you names in order to make you feel his hurt (NOT friend material). It's best to let the flames die down by cutting contact. It doesn't have to be permanent (but it can be!) so that he can get his frustration out without you having to hear his bullsh*t. You're a strong, beautiful woman - do what's best for YOU.

    Rock on, girl!

  • Sweetie, I seriously recommend that you carefully reassess your desire to have him in your life as a friend. I mean, He still talks badly about you to his friends, and thinks that you are always out to get him. When you try to talk to him about it, he calls you a bitch and lies to you. I mean - he has some pathological trust issues, not to mention that he is not nice to you. Why is he so important to you?


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