Is no contact appropriate? Whether I choose to reconcile or end it for good?

I Broke up with Girlfriend May 2009, did everything to get her back. She said that she didn't trust me, let me linger for 1 year as a "friend". We didn't act like "friends" though, and there was always a closeness from our 5 year relationship.

She Moved to NYC from PA in April 2010. Said that we would still be close together and possibly reconcile in the Winter.

She Slowly drifted apart from me. June 9, 2010 she basically told me that she wanted to hang out with other people, and guys.

I told her that I would not be calling her anymore. and that I can't be her friend. She should let me just go away, and maybe in the future talk again.

I changed my phone number and began avoiding her at all costs.

Monday- She sent me an email reply for something irrelevant

Tuesday-She sent me a forward for something stupid.

Wednesday-I saw her mother riding around my area, since her mother has a new job near my house.

And I received an e-mail from my ex saying," You changed your phone number, I guess you don't want to talk to me. I understand. I just wanted to say Hi and say good luck on new job."

I haven't had contact with her. and I don't plan on it. I respect her need to live her life, especially in NYC since I am in PA for now. I believe that I need to just back up and see what happens. Is this a legit plan? If she returns humbled and looking for me, how long should I stay away, and not give her my new phone number?
Is no contact appropriate? Whether I choose to reconcile or end it for good?
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