Am I overanalyzing or do I start moving on?

I met a guy online last Saturday. He wanted to meet up that night. I said no, not enough notice. So we met the next night, a Sunday, talked for a couple hours and ended up having sex. Then he asked me if he could see me again and I said yes. So we met a couple days later, after he sent me a text at 8pm wanted to know what time I was going to bed as he wanted to stop over. He stopped for a little bit, and yes we had sex again. I asked him yesterday if he wanted to come over for a movie and he said maybe (this was at 9:30 am). I never heard from him again the rest of the day. I know by the codes on my cell phone that he did not get my last message to follow to see if he was coming over or not. He does live in an area that does not have cell phone or cable...just satellite.. Do I wait a day or so for him to contact me or start moving on? I was trying to be patient with him, but I don't want this to be a pure sex thing.


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  • You should start moving on now.


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