Am I being fair, would he be able to understand?

I met this guy in Jan and we hit it off straight away. I remember asking if he had feelings for me and he said that he did but because he just got out of a very serious relationship he did not want to be any more than what we had. I genuinely think he's really sensitive about it so I understand his reasoning.

But then, at the beginning of April things went a bit downhill. I did not like how our conversations ended because he would just never reply to my previous message. He forgot about plans he had already made when I made plans with him which resulted to me standing him up at his friend's birthday dinner and when I explained that I felt really uncomfortable about attending because I am a naturally anxious person, he literally said, "that's not the point, I invited you as a guest and everyone expected you to be there" which made me feel like he just disregarded what I had to say. He also said I should go to counselling for it but all I need is reassurance and understanding from the people around me. He would ask me to go with him and his flatmate to shows but I would turn him down because I told him previously that I felt like a third wheel whenever I hung out with them. After that he said that he felt I only wanted to have sex with him and that we should stop because he did not have feelings for me and just wants to be friends.

I was hurt because he originally lied to me about his feelings towards me. After that I assumed that he was playing the "let's be friends but really let's not speak ever again" card but he's been asking me to grab dinner and catch up which the one time I did we still get along just fine but I can't do it. I've managed to separate my feelings a little and I get really nervous and upset when I think of him. I need to explain to him why this is no good for me but I want him to be able to understand my side of the situation. Do you think my reasoning is understandable?


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  • I 100% think you're right. Do what's best for your life tbh. Men come and go. There will be someone who truly value you and understands you, everything is time.

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