Guys please can you give explanation for this?

i just recently broke up with my boyfriend. we're on a long distance relationship and every weekend he visit me to my place. but he got a new job and it become impossible to him to visit me every weekend. we're living in middle east by the way. i became needy, and its stressing him out, that's the main reason he asked for a break. just tomorrow we talked and he asked me to move on. means we will no longer work it out. its hurt a lot. so much pain because i love him a lot and he loves me too. unfortunately he's more focus to achieve something in his life than to continue our relationship. he got a lot of pressure from his family and he wants to show to his father that he is not a failure. i asked him for a last meet up. i just want to say good bye in person and hug and kiss him one last time then i told him that i will vanish in his life forever. but he don't want. he said he don't want me to say goodbye. he still want us to text after all the hard part in his life passes. i don't know whats going on. he asked me to move on but he dont want me to say good bye. and whats the point of still in contact?


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  • Move on, time will tell if you two were really in love.. love finds anyone

    • i will, but whats the point of still texting

    • Because the goodbye is easier. My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday, I'm devastated and she texted me this morning. I think they do it so the break up doesn't hurt as much. If you have been single for some time now, maybe he justa wants to know if you still have feelings for him. However, there are many if's, why not ask him what's the deal?

What Girls Said 1

  • maybe he is confused... he loved you but he needs to prove himself first to his parents and at the same time he is also afraid to lose you. But you yourself should move on now for the better. just send him a letter or a voice call about your thoughts and feelings and say goodbye.
    Dont be afraid to let go. If two of you are meant to be you will always be together in the end. no matter what will happened.
    hope it made you feel better.
    good luck to you. 💗

    • im willing to move on, i made that clear to him im willing to let him go. i just asked for 1 last meeting to say good bye forever, but he dont want me to say goodbye. and i seriously cannot be friends with him but he wants us to still text.

    • then tell him that its hard for you to move on if you keep txting. . .

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