What's the first thing you say when you text someone?

examples: "hey", "what's up?", "hi", "what are you up to?", etc.

which do you find the most awkward? I personally find it awkward for some reason when a guy only says "hi".


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What Guys Said 1

  • mine is usually- heyy what's up?

    the most akward I have had was when a girl randomly said hey, so you are pretty cute. I didn't know who was txting me and it got akward haha

    other than that I think from a boy to a girl would be "yo" it has been used by people and it is just kind of out dated haha


What Girls Said 1

  • well yeah if someone just texts you 'hi' its like...erm ok? Because you'd expect that to be follwed up by a ''how are you'' or ''what's up'' - something for you to have a decent reply to. But usually if someone just texts me saying ''hey'' I say hey back and ask THEM how they are..someone has to get the pointless convo running right? lol.


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