How are you?

I know your having a very challenging and sad time right now with your dad and I want you to know I have the upmost respect for you and you family at this time of high importance.

But I just would like you to know that I feel so helpless right now, that i am not there to comfort you and support and love you as I would like to, all though you should know that I am right here thinking about you each day and waiting for you to hopefully (come home to me and talk to me) so I can share your emotions with you and give you the support and love I so want to give you. I will be here whenever you need me to be always like I promised I would should you need me.

Id like for you to know that I love you unconditionally… my love for you has always remained during this hard time.

You already know I have really tried my hardest with my words and waited with patience, and you have also been extremely patience with me, I’ve given all my strength for you since November last year pretty much, I have been trying to show you that since we fell out in feb that im regretful and extremley sorry over my reactions towards things and my use of words that brought us here, I know you know I am a good person with only good intentions to make things right between us and hopefully for a chance at reconcillation and a future for us as a couple,

I have tried to make it known to you over the past few months that I would like more than anything in the world to make amends with you and regain your trust, and be able to work on our relationship as we have so many memories and so much history with each other it would be so sad to just give that up after the time we have spent and enjoyed with each other for the past 3 years over words. It would be a honorable acheviment for our love towards each other if we could forgive and forgot any past thoughts, issues, and words that caused us to be here at this moment in time especailly during this sad and heartbreaking time for you.

Of course I can only say these words for a period of time without them having any meaning and without you allowing us this chance before I would have to let go and just give up, but i would like this this opertunity if granted by you for me to show you my honesty and truthfulness of my words in person as your partner and show my love towards you and respect and how much you as a person means to me.
You know its never to late to start over with each other, if you both deep down feel the same way even more so knowing the love we can share and the fun times we do have together, and I believe now more then any time would be the time we needed to start to forgive and forget and beleave in each other, life is just to precious and valuable especaily the time spent with you to be falling out over words,


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  • well one... it depends on what happened... how bad things were. also, i dont think you should mention you want to get back with her right now... since she is going through a difficult time. just be there for her, you know a shoulder to lean on

    • ok thank you... and she cheated on me told me about it 6 months later and I forgave her and then she pushed me away for calling her a slut which is bad i agree but was my reaction to my hurt and bottling it up

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    • stop reaching out to her... and leave her be. you seem like a good guy. put that energy into someone worth it

    • Ok thank you clove I'm really trying I was just tempted to message her again I guess I'm just lonely now and I am a good guy thank you

  • Man I'm sorry, I know this must be really hard for you but this letter will only push her further away. You are putting her on a pedestal, she knows if she ever wanted you back you'd be right there waiting for her and that puts you in a very weak pitiful position. Nobody is attracted to that and surely you don't want her to just want you back out of pity. My advice is to stop contact for a while, a few weeks or maybe even for good. You need to really think, do you want to be with someone who would cheat on you? That's not love. Surely you want someone who will actually love you and respect you. I'm telling you now, this relationship is not going to work out. Whether you realise that now or in five years..

    • ok thank you

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    • I'm really sorry to hear that. Stay strong, it will get better ❤️

    • thank you

What Guys Said 1

  • Why would you go back to someone who cheated on you. They will just do it again.

    • I know I must be crazy... I don't know I agree but my heart says different but I agree

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