I need someones help fast this is a very serious question can someone help?

First off id like to say thank you for helping with my frist question. Now this question kinda goes with my first one. Ok so i was sitting in band class with my 3 friends caden matt and sam. I got up and went to get my trombone music. My bff best friend/bloodbrother comes running up to me. He said Dakota your gonna ve pissed caden and i asked matt whos hia morp date gonna be or u gonna be like me dakota and caden and just go with the other 9 friends plus Dakota's little brother. Matt said im gong to go with my girlfriend katie. WHAT! SAM said thats Dakota's ex girlfriend the whore/bitch who broke up with dakota cause her bff said that she should. And she asked out all my 9 friends plus my bff sam plus my little brother. Theu are good friends cauae they said bros befor hoes. And when sam said that she's a bitch/whore matt said i will beat up u and dakota. By the way matt walked up to one of my other friends Jericho and said i can take you down any time any whear. So jo said ok and he punched matt one time in the eye and matt was out and could not see out of that eye for 2 WEEKS. SAM ASKED ME WHAT WILL I DO CAUSE MATT WANTS TO FIGHT ME AND MY EX SAID FOR MATT TO FIGHT ME TILL IM OUT. SO I SAID I KNOW EVER BRANCH OF THE MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT FIGHTING MOVES. SAM SAID SOWL WHAT NOW AND LIKE THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS SAY Karma takes to long id rather beath the shit out of him. what should do. And why is ex and matt dating each other and why are they such a bitch and a dick.


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  • Ask your parent and let them know your ex is turning your friend on you and provoking you guys to fight each other b/c she just wants you guys to fight over her which your friend probably doesn't realize so he's technically breaking the bros before hoes code. If you have a sibling maybe you could ask them instead too. I wouldn't encourage it and let that snake get what she wants, your friend is too blind to blind to see it but you're not. if she leaves him how dumb would he look, what's he going to do with his life, he probably hasn't thought of that. He has to learn the hard way


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