Does my ex think I am stupid? Please help, this really bothers me?

I dated a guy for a month or so ( not a long period of time, anyway) We cut off contact because he wanted sex really-really bad since the very beginning and I, being a virgin, was too afraid. We decided to leave it like that, so we broke up in a friendly way. Well he blocked my number a few days after the break up but never mind:)). I saw him yesterday and said hello. He was happy to see me, even gave me a hug and we talked for a minute or two. I was shocked. I thought he hates me as he blocked my number. The thing is I was soooo nervous and I blushed and stuttered and when he hugged me ( in a very friendly way, not romantic) I was so tensed. I couldnt say words properly even though I was the one who initiated contact. I couldnt find my words. He thinks I still hadn't moved on or he may be thinking I was just nervous. Im sure he noticed my behaviour. We haven't seen each other for 7 months.


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  • Does your ex think you're stupid because you were nervous when you met him again? Probably not. Its hard to tell. And maybe he blocked your number as a method to get over you

    • I dont know, we only dated for a month so we werent really in love or something like that. I dont think it was hard for him to move on. But after we met again yesterday and had our small talk, he sat himself down on a chair that was in the other side of room, even though the chair next to me was free and he was friendly toward me. Like he avoided me or just didn't care

    • Hey just get over it. Its your ex anyways. Move on and continue with your life

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  • it's your"ex" why do you even care much?

    • I generally analyse what people think, not necesarly my ex. I was just curious by your opinions

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