My ex and I broke up 4 & a months ago. Do guys get over their exes faster? Do they miss them? or is it over and done with that's it?

I miss him every day. We broke up but about a month ago I started getting msgs from random guys and then I linked them back to him. It was like he wanted to see if I flirted and was back to dating or something. It was weird and I don't feel like I have it in me to imagine anything with anyone anymore. Part of me never moves on. I don't know what he thinks anymore. After that incident I posted on social media something about me not being a fool and he unfollowed and it was obvious it was him behind it so I made the move to block him from my life although I still have feelings for him. I don't know I guess I want to know if guys ever feel like going back? Or what is the point behind that act?


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  • Hey,
    don't worry its normal to miss your ex.
    when i broked up with my girlfriend i missed her every sec, it was very difficult for me to forget her. i use to think did she miss me too? through common friend i came to know that she is miserable without me. when i came to know that i was like relaxed and i started feeling normal. you miss your ex more when you came to know that he or she is over you and moved on with their life. if you ex comes to know about that you are missing him and you want him back it will be easy for him to move on like me, and he will not care for you anymore even if you ask him to come back. so just chill and relax and accept the fact that you two were nktade for each other and go and get yourself busy as it will help you to get over him faster. moreover, if he did all that random guys thing he is definitely missing you and love you. if he didn't cared he had done nothing. he just checking if you have moved on, if he comes to know that you havnt moved on he will feel better as he has a backup as you. If you didn't move on and he comes to know about the fact he will be all happy as you will become his backup. a backup is someone who will be always there for you even you do anything wrong to them. don't be a backup. just stay happy it will take time but i promise you will move in faster just keep yourself busy in things you love to do. God bless you. if you any further help feel free to contact me 😉

  • He probably missed you but would not admit it. I think most people miss their ex's. But they eventually heal and move on to date other people.


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