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Me and my boyfriend of what would have been three years broke up. He would tell people we broke up to what he felt was lack of support, but I helped him finish a project and took him to get his birth certificate so he could go to the dmv and get his permit (which he now has). I basically helped him with a lot of stuff for his senior. As we were trying to be friends he would bring up other girls and I would let him know I didn't want to know. He then blocks me on everything and when I reach out to him 3 weekso later he has a girlfriend and he took her to prom and everything. He 18 and a senior and she's a sophomore so like 15 or 16. I'm 19 going to college, have my own car, and possibly about to have my own place. When he took the other girl to prom my card was still the default one and I got charged and the next day great payed me back and he grabbed me and hugged me. Thenjoy a couple of days
ago my mom wanted to visit him and made me stop by his house I stayed in the car and parked up the street and he came outside to the car with her and we talked for a couple of minutes and then he grabbed me and hugged me for a long time then let go and looked at me and started tearing up when he said he hopes I'm was happy and when I'm not he started to cry and but I said I love him as he was walking away and he said to be safe. My mom said when she was talking to himthey both started crying and he said don't cry to her. We were very close and I feel like he lead me on and just used me. I just wonder why he jumped into a relationship with someone else and still has the nerve to pull me in for hugs.
On mothers day he called me and wanted ed to talk to me in person and when we started talking he told me he has slept with her like four times and that they've broken up two times and she's even called the police on him. He said she always talks about her past sexual encounters and how it made him feel inadequate. He said he was going to tell her we do did something butI told him he better not like me in mess. He says he came in her and doesn't know if she's pregnat. I don't hate him he's got
They've been together since April 15 and have broken up two times and she just doesn't seem like a good person. He says she like all the stuff he does and when I tried to tell him to get help and distance himself he didn't want to listen. At times he seems suicidal and I know all of his secrets but I don't want him to hate me if I try to get him help.


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  • You can't truly appreciate something until it's gone.

    Sounds to me like he felt his life wasn't moving and braking up with you seemed like the right solution for him at the time. (happens to everyone)

    The girl he took to prom was just a rebound. After being broken up for a while, he can realize how good he had it with you, but at the same time how he needed to be single to find himself.

    He still loves you and cares about you, which is why he hopes you're happy, but also why he can't come back to you.

    It's your turn now to move on and grow from this breakup, and he understands this.

    Don't dwell on this relationship. Keep the good memories and learn from everything you've experienced :)


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  • He jumped into a relationship to get over you. And he is pulling you in for a hug because you are letting him. If you dint like it, just move away.

  • he is just not certain of anything... he has messed up emotions that he can't figure nothing out... you helped him but he is just saying you didn't to just give a reason for himself for leaving you


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