Need Advise: Does he still have feelings for me?

My ex-boyfriend who I have not seen since in 25 plus years wants to meet up for coffee/drinks. I live in Denver and he lives in San Diego. We have been facebook friends for about 8 years but we have just sent a few basic messages to each other. He will be in town for business and wants to meet up for coffee/drinks. Over the years, I have often thought of him and wished we didn't break up, though he was the one that broke up with me. I don't even remember why we did. Since we lived so far from one another, I never thought we would ever have the opportunity to see each other so I just push the thoughts away. I really would love another chance with him but not sure if he is thinking that way at all. I guess, my question is: What do you think this means? Does he still have feelings for me? Or am I reading too much into it, and its just coffee/drinks? Should I tell him how I feel? Why would he want to meet up after 25 plus years if their was truly nothing there? How do I let him know that I still care for him?


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  • He has at least an interest in you. But do not assume more till you meet and talk.

    Very important: what are the relationship statuses for each of you? Don't create problems.

    • Both single, and I don't think he is seeing anyone.

  • He might or might not have feelings for u no one can know for sure he might just want to meet to catch up with you. The only know u can know for sure is to show u still care from ur general behavior.

  • How to long were meet

    • I don't understand your question.

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