What is he trying to do?

My ex broke up with me out of the blue 3 weeks ago. We were dating for 4 years. We got into a little argument about something and he said he just needed to focus on himself. we have the same mutual friends so I see him probably one every 1-2 weeks. Haven't contacted him. All our friends have said he's extremely depressed and cries. But when I see him he seems great, happy, confident. Saw him last week and he was great until his friends started giving me attention and I noticed he was jealous. Saw him again today and he was flirting with me like crazy. Also kept seeing him look at me then turn when I'd catch him. He kept Bringing up past moments, saying I looked good, asking what I've been up to, who I hangout with now etc. I'm extremely confused as to what's going on and how I should procede. He acts one way towards me and then I hear he is a depressed mess. I do want to be with him again. He seems confused as to what's going on. Part of me feels like he broke up with me irrationally and now he doesn't know what to do. I'm not sure. He's a very stubborn prideful guy.

No there was no other girls in the picture.
What is he trying to do?
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