Why didn't my ex take pictures with me, but he's taking pictures with his new girlfriend? I used to hide when he tried so I guess he gave up?


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  • You answered your own question sweetie. You didn't like taking pictures and his new girl does, it's that simple. I'm sure he thought you were beautiful, otherwise he wouldn't have wanted pics with you.

    • True.. then he was argumentative with me because i hid every time.. not my fault im insecure tbh!😂

    • I'm sure you are pretty, you just need to become comfortable in your own skin.

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  • He'd hide and not take pics with you? You sure you weren't the side chick?

    • We did take pictures, and put in a relationship on Facebook etc.. but no pictures, aha! Spent loads of time together.. tbh, i was just insecure and hated my picture being taken.

  • you just answered your own question

    • Im quite self conscious so i was wondering whether its because he was embarrassed by me.. but then again, we went everywhere together and held hands in public ect! and i met his grandparents quite early into the relationship aha

  • he's tryna make u jealous

    • True. I don't have Facebook, but I've got friends on his profile, and he's obviously doing it to hurt me.. but in all honesty, he's uglier than i thought. As well as him calling me fat, im gonna succeed in life and get to goal weight and make him jealous asf.😏

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    • In a way, he's helping me be more determined with my weight loss to throw it back in his face. I've got a whole new look and im loving it. Got a new job too, and focusing on passing my driving test. I've actually become a better person since he dumped me.(: funny really.. the day before he got with her he wanted to meet me, and said he misses me, and offered to pay for some drinks.. so whats that all about? his new relationship is clearly one where he wants to make me jealous.😂 not working.🙈

    • oh oh oh here u go gurl

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