Do you sometimes press your boobs against a guy on purpose if you like him?

one of my friends presses her boobs against my arms a lot. why is she doing that?


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  • no if i like a guy i act a sexual. bc pretty much my sexuality is the one thing hd be yup for even if he was not into me. so i automatically act asexual until i can see if we get a long. i dont want confusing hm lusting after me with liking me as a person. so i keep my breasts at a distance.

    • for the same reason i dress down,

    • How do you expect him to like you period if you act like you have zero sexuality?

    • @FýrdracaDócincel

      if we are not having sex it should not matter. its never stopped anyone before so i guess its not a big deal. i basically mean i do not flirt or use sex to get him to like me. doesn't mean he won't find me interesting or attractive.

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  • Enjoy it.

  • someone did that to me at work


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