Am I over him yet?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up almost 5 months ago. I think that I'm over him, but I am constantly thinking about him and can't go a day without talking him. I get jealous whenever he talks to other girls especially my friends. I dated a guy because I felt like I needed someone to replace the other guy. I compare him to almost every guy. Am I over him yet? I really don't know. I should be over him now since it's been almost half a year. So, yeah.


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  • What you're experiencing is called a Rebound. You're trying to get someone else to fill in the emotional void left in your heart by that guy. It's also evident in the fact you get jealous and you compare him to other guys. Most evidently in the fact that you're still unsure whether you're over him or not.
    When you're over him, there shall be no doubt about it. It sucks that you're really missing him, but getting over someone takes about one and a half years at average. Getting over him would require you to accept your current circumstances, and give in to the fact that its over and that he's no longer there. Will it hurt? Yes. Is there any other way? Sadly, no. Every time you end up rebounding you will have something you're going to regret later in life. The point is to remain strong. And if you've survived till this day, you are strong enough. Getting into anything meaningful or any good relationship will first require you to heal from your scars. That'll require both time and patience, and sadly, no one can help you with it. You go ahead and talk to your friends about it if it gets too much. Do anything that'll slowly help you accept your situation and grow over it until you're strong enough to stand back up and bear your scars with pride. Most importantly, do not doubt yourself, and keep your mind open to newer opportunities and experiences. And don't be afraid to take chances. You might just get lucky, or you might not. Either way, it's a win win scenario.
    When I had my breakup, I took me an exact one and a half years to recover. When I still see her around, it reminds me of all the good times. But those feelings of desperation and desolation are no longer there. That is what you have patiently remove day by day.
    Since I'm not level 2, I can't really post the link here, but you can search up the video titled "How to deal with a breakup" by Actualized. org. It really helped me back in my day and I'm sure it'll help you as well.


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  • it looks like you still like him, so mayby you should try it again with him and than dicide if it is the right thing

    • He said that he doesn't want to anymore. He said that me cutting hurt him more than me. I don't see how. He was mostly the reason that I kept doing it. He would be so condescending whenever he was mad. How do I get over him?

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    • well, it's a plessure to do and if you ever need help again just ask and I'll see what i can do

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  • I think there's no time limit for this. We move on in our own pace so you shouldn't force yourself and get a rebound. But I don't think you're over him just yet since you still think of him everywhere. :(
    You can do it! ^_^

  • I don't think you are over him because you keep thinking about him.


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