Girls, My exgirlfriend's desires for us after our breakup make no sense. Can you help?

My girlfriend recently broke up with me. However after the fight she still wants to keep me in her life, says if anyone tells her to get rid of me she won't, and tells me she still wants to buy me stuff, and each of us visit and hang out regularly. I told her she's still in love with me, but she swears she isn't. Can someone please make this make sense?


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  • she wants to be together without the title and that's not fair to you. if she wants to act like a girlfriend she needs to hold the meaning to the title, not reap the benefits without the commitment.
    tbh you should get out of that relationship

    • I don't doubt that you're right. Why would she do that though? What does it benefit her? Anyway, thanks for the response.

    • she gets the emotional feeling of having a boyfriend without the actual responsibility of having one

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