Just overthinking this situation?

So me and my girlfriend dated for 4 years before she broke up with me while on her LDS mission. (I am not LDS) this is after I proposed to her before she left. She sent me her Book of Mormon​ and told me how she wishes she tried to get me to the church.
So I sent back the book, my half of a necklace I got her, a drive with all our pictures, a letter from me, and every letter she gave me.
Anywho. I'm still pissed about the situation
She's gonna a be home soon, so I wound up deleting my Facebook and Instagram, because when we broke up the last time, for the same reason, she constantly searched Instagram to find me.
She moved to Texas with her family so I'm not too worried of her just showing up. I just have a feeling she's gonna try to reach back out to me once she gets the package and isn't in mission mode.
She's had 'promtings' to reach back out to me in the past, just saying, I'm not doing all this for no justifyable reason
We've gone our separate ways over and over. Even when I never thought she'd come back, she would.


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  • I think a healthy relationship needs to have its bounds and limits. if she isn't willing to accept your faith then she isn't right for you.

    • I get that. but each time she's returned, she's been more into her religion, but also goes deeper into our relationship.

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    • Call around if your interested in doing it, lots of therapists are very accommodating toward money. If they know you can't pay then they will set up a personal plan and all.

    • ok... thank you

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  • Good Mormon girls only marry mormon boys so there's no point in chasing after her if you're not willing to convert.


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