Is no contact beneficial? What type of thing could you say to your ex after no contact?

It's been 2 months since me and my ex split. He cut me off completely which devastated me. I tried texting him like every week or two but didn't get nowhere. After we broke up I went through the initial depression/begging mode but then I started to focus on myself and changing the bad things about me. I was really immature when we were together but I learned a lot and grew as a person. I learned not to let anyone determine my worth, and to be happy, confident and to smile because at the end of the day you don't need anyone, all you got is yourself! Ain't nobody gonna wipe your tears when you're weak and alone but YOU. I picked myself up and made great changes physically and mentally. I'm a stronger better person. I want to show him that but it's hard when we don't communicate and he won't give me an opportunity to do that. So I have stopped and will go no contact for a month which would lead us up to three months apart. I really want to fix this and want him back, I do love him more than anything. But I want to establish a healthy friendship first before jumping into anything again, and work on starting afresh. How do I approach this situation?
Please don't say move on or let go, I'm here for an answer as to what I can do to make us reunite not become further apart


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  • I'm kinda in the same situation, it's hard because you want to show them how much better you are... but they have moved on :(

    • Well my situation is a little strange because he refused to give me any answers as to why we broke up until months later, he told me he distanced himself so I'd realise and change my ways but I didn't understand as I changed ways long before that and I informed him of that but he didn't give me the opportunity to show it then he said he wants to be in each other's lives in the future but not anytime soon bc I stress him out. But he's basing that from my behaviours before not now so what else am I supposed to do

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    • Yeah of course I can't wait around, I can only try and if it works great and if it doesn't then it will suck but at least I tried right

    • Yess :)

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  • Honey you made all of those changes for YOU. Not for him. You don't need to show him anything. Move on with your new you and find a fresh start.

    • Yeah I know I did it for me not him, I don't mean it in that sense like I want to prove something etc. I've done all I can in terms of me recovering and finding myself. I feel great. Look if I wanted to move on, I wouldn't be here asking this question. I just didn't want to lose a great thing over some silly arguements and me being immature. So I want to fix that and start again with him; there's nothing wrong with that..

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    • Ummm Yes we have🙄 We last spoke two weeks ago, but we don't talk on a regular basis like before

    • OP I can't read your mind. So if you talk he already knows what changes you've made and he still isn't dating you. Honey if something was going to work out it would have by now.

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  • should not be involved with ex's at all. they are ex's. why would you want to be?

    • I don't understand the whole mentality over 'they are just exs' People have bigger deeper meaningful relationships than just that, many ex's were bestfriends prior to dating so it's not just a relationship angle. I literally hate this genatration and the way they do things, how disposable relationships and friendships are to them, people just don't value them or work on them and would rather let their ego come before a good thing whether it be friendship or a relationship

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    • then why'd ya uppie me. haha

      yeah, you just can't handle the truth.. and you know it. BYE

    • I didn't lol?
      I'm not 5 years old, of course I can handle the truth...
      So how about you stop trying to act like the big man when you ain't shit. I don't agree with what you're saying, you have your opinions and I have mine which are based on actual life experiences so please do not try to tell me that I'm delusional or that I can't handle the truth😂

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