Which one of these texts are best to send to my ex after a month of no contact?

My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me. We have spoken a few times after our break-up but he cut me off completely and I went through that whole begging stage and eventually I got fed up because he didn't care and nothing was working and he knows that I usually say the same old thing every week or two, so that's why I stopped texting him after my last text which was pretty much laying out my whole feelings and I told him that he either comes back soon or never as I'm tired of waiting and being played around, I know it was a little mean. Now I'm trying to get in touch and hope the month has made a difference or maybe he may hate me even more. But what's the best way to initate contact again? What can I say
Hey can we talk
Hey is this a good time
Hey I saw something and thought of you
Hey guess what


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  • Be simple and clam... message me just... 'Hi, Howz u?'... this will be it...

    • He won't like if I say how are you so I don't know about that

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    • and what if he doesn't respond

    • Listen miss... All u can do is control urself... U can not control others behaviour or something... So just be good at ur part and leave everything on God... coz there is nothing else u can do...

      So u can message him and if he doesn't respond then its his choice... and u can't do anything about it... trust me... It hurts like hell when u want everything to be just as u wanted... So just chill... message me... if he doesn't reply, just move on...

  • taking positively, ask him...
    how are you? there are many days gone... can we talk?

    • Okay so how about ' Hey, I hope everything is well with you. Can we talk'
      I'm just slightly worried after my last text he'll still perceive me as that same negative brat.. so I don't know what to do. I didn't know if I should text him now instead of waiting for a month

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    • there is nothing bad in love...

    • you want him... you have to do something that draw attention to you...

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