Girls: When he realizes he loves you only when you're gone, is it true love? (Guys' opinions welcome too!)?

Last week, I broke up with my ex for good (we had quite a few "breaks".) He had many emotional (and mental) issues from past traumas and wasn't able to fully commit to me and was unsure if he loved me. I knew I could find millions of guys who could love me (already knew of a few) so I dumped him. Why settle? I loved him (at least I think I did) but it wasn't worth it.

Now? He's going absolutely insane- not eating, not sleeping, crying himself to sleep and skipping/getting sent home from work. He won't stop contacting me, begging me back, telling me he DOES INDEED love me and that he can't stomach the fact that he lost the love of his life.

I can't help but raise a brow. I just don't know of this new love he feels is true, or if he's just one of those who puts people/things on pedestals once they're gone. If I take him back (which honestly I'm not planning on because I think I can do better), what if he gets those commitment issues and uncertain feelings again?

Girls who've been this situation and guys who have been in his shoes... was it real love?


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  • You yourself answered your question you said it's not worth it , don't date a guy out of pity it doesn't go well.

  • You already have several guys in backup?

  • With that attitude and arrogance, I'm surprised you're even asking about real love..


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