My ex who is still my bff: Why is he being so mean all the sudden?

So I have this ex boyfriend. Anyways, I've always been there for him. Even when he was rude to all the others when he was having withdrawals, he was nice to me so I stayed by him.

He has feelings for another person, and that's understandable. But now he only asks to hang out when he wants something from me.
He never visits my family anymore which was strange as he used to be one of our pack even before we dated. Even on Facebook rates he gives me a 5/10 so I hate myself for being so much uglier than every girl in my school.
Why is he so rude now?

  • You are probably super ugly and that's why he broke up with you.
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  • He just doesn't find you attractive anymore
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  • He's going through Withdrawls so he's being mean
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  • He still likes you and is trying to hide it by being an ass
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  • other (comment below)
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  • if two lovers can reamin bff, either they were never in love of they still love each other. this means you still Love him but your ex never loved you. this explains loud and clear. take care


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