Broke up with depressed ex last week and haven't spoke to him since, should I message?

So my ex boyfriend has been suffering with depression for the past 3 months, he's on medication and has been having counselling sessions. Before this happened everything was really great between us, we both really loved each other and made the effort despite out LDR, we still saw each other on weekends. So last week he told me he couldn't be with me anymore because his depression was that bad it was consuming his life and he couldn't make me happy because he was so down about life. He told me he cares about me a awful lot and doesn't want to hurt me anymore. It has been a difficult few months and our relationship has been difficult because of it and has made me feel more down as a result. The last thing I said on the phone was that regardless that he doesn't want to be with me, I am here for him and he can contact me if he needs to but I won't initiate conversation as I figure if he broke up with me he would want space. He said he still wanted to be friends but said it was up to me if I did in which I said I don't know if I can be friends right now as I still loved him in a intimate way so couldn't be "friends" straight away but would offer more support for his depression. I guess I was very upset to hear this and thought if it was true I would need to move on.

Anyway its been 5 days since we last spoke and I haven't spoken to him and he hasn't spoken to me. I feel that even though I said I would not message him that maybe I should just to be the bigger person and just give myself some closure and show that I do care. Or should I not message him?
I do miss him loads and do love him but its just so hard and I don't know whether to be mature and send one message or just leave it all together? Thoughts please


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