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So basically me and my boyfriend have been together for about a month and a half now. I just found out that after this semester I have to transfer schools and I have to move away. So we talked today about everything, but it's like he just shot the idea of going long distance down immediately. I mean I know we've only been together for a short time, but he just seems worth it. Anyways I'm still going to be here for the next 1.5 months of school and then also a while in the summer and he said that we should make the most of our time together. Is it wrong for me to be mad at him and not want anything to do with him? Should I just break up with him now or wait? He also said we should stay friends, but it's just painful seeing him but not being able to be together. What should I do, should I just cut him off? Also what should I think.. is he an asshole for not even trying long distance with me and then not even calling me today to see if I was okay? I'm just very lost and would like some advice.


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  • This is going to be one of those no win situation where you will be hurt anyway I think tell best thing is yes it's probably better to cut your losses if you can Remembering that you are going to see him all the time It may be that he will cheat on you knowing he has nothing to loose and that would be your worst hurt So make that choice end it now and feel hurt or wait till he hurts you further x


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  • I think he's just tryin to have some good time with you, he knows he'll probably never see you again and you'll remember him as an asshole, he's trying to chance it


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  • Odds are, realistically, long distance relationships don't work. So in a logical sense he's probably making the easier choice.
    In terms of consideration for you, he just treated you as a thing of the past already. So in my eyes he just wants to have fun before your inevitable end between you two occurs making it more difficult than it needs to be.

    • Now truth be told just having fun with him in these next three fleeting months isn't a bad thing. Having around company you enjoy isn't a crime. You two just need to honest and open about. if you feel it gets too intimate then maybe you cut it off. if you feel he's ignoring you while you're in this transition change then maybe cut it off.

    • 1. It's situational (go with your gut)
      2. It's ok to experience new things (especially if it's with someone you trust)
      3. At the end of the day the world isn't going to end just cuz you did or didn't continue this relationship (hurts but it's the truth.)

  • Hi how are you


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