Girls, if you broke up with a guy and care for him a lot, but you left him for another?

Why do you fight so hard to remain his friend?

Me and my ex bicker a little, nothing to much, we both have crossed then line, by saying stuff to each other which insults one an other or what we believe in. Also even going on about certain things one or the other did which caused the relationship to fail (that was 1 month ago). She is with another man, but wants me to remain friends with her for the rest of her life(or as long as possible), she went all out not to let me know about her new relationship, despite me knowing actually about 1 week after they started to date. This just don't seem to add up, but I might not be seeing it correctly, can somebody shed proper light on this?


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  • ooooh man, I have done this, althought I broke up with him, but didn't leave him for another guy. the only thing I can figure, also the reason I did the, lets still be friends thing, is because she misses you like crazy. your boyfriend becomes a big part of your life, and once you loose that, you miss it. I wanted to stay friends with him sooo bad just because I missed us hanging out and talking, and yes, its not fair to do to the one that got dumped, but that is probably why she is doing it.

    • Why does she put up with the crap? If she feels half of what I feel then its hard, I know we did go through a lot together. More then she has with any other guy. But now with her new boyfriend I expect her to go through more with him then any other guy.

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    • Yeah I agree, it is weak, but that may not be the case with her. all I am saying is that she probably really misses you, and that's why she is trying to keep you in her life.

    • What other reasons can be there?

  • Mayb she's with him to make you jealous

    but @ the same time she can like u

    Or mayb she's ova you lol


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