Girls/Guys who was responsible for ending your previous relationships?

Which one, the girl or the guy, was responsible for your previous breakups?

My guy friend assumes women are so much drama and that it's because of our overthinking and bringing stress into the relationship that causes it to go rocky.

Whereas I said women are rightfully cautious about certain situations in the relationship because we've experienced something negative in the past and we're responding to potentially red flags.

So which is it?
Are women inconsolable drama queens whose doubt and insecurities bring stress to the relationship?


Are men too insensitive to their brethren's past behavior problems that cause women to be more guarded?
  • Women need to chill out and stop treating all men the same. If you wouldn't complain so much, maybe he wouldn't have did what you "think" he did.
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  • Guys need to be more understanding. We've potentially been used and mistreated by their predecessors so of course we're cautious. If you're such a good guy, shut up and show it.
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  • Both
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  • I broke up with him because he treated me really bad. Made fun of me physically and sexually in front of my parents, his sister and even in public. Didn't respect my limits and even forced me to do things I didn't want to, while laughing about it. It was his narcissism that made me break up, and I think it was more than justified.


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