I can't believe him?

My ldr since February just told me he hasn't loved me for a month now.. And didn't know how to say it.. Said that he deeply cares for me but he's sure it's not love.. When I cried to him about my recently passed grandpa (in sept) he wanted to hold me and hug me.. Wrote a poem expressing his hurt feelings, saying distance is what killed it.. Even though I was saving money to visit him.. I ended up buying a ps4 to get rid
Of that money.. But I'm so hurt.. I really fell for him, all of the times I watched him play video games, watched death note with him.. Told him bedtime stories so he could sleep.. Slept on the phone with him.. I'm so hurt..


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  • You showed him how much you cared for him when you used the money you were saving to see him on a ps4.
    It showed him that the ps4 is more important and this killed his feeling for you.

    • I got the ps4 after he dumped me.. He knew I had been saving but and supposedly had stopped loving me a month ago.. He dumped me on Sunday I got the ps4 yesterday..

    • Then i guess you better start finding ways to forget about him.

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  • Sometimes it is just not meant to be. Treat yourself, distract yourself and move on. Those are the only advices I can give you.

    • Lelaila is on the ball. Pining fixes nothing oh and on a light note the "Death note" anime was quite genius at times πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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    • @asker.. dreams are usually to help us process reality or "genjetsu" as you like anime πŸ˜‰.
      care to talk about your dream? or am I pushing the boundaries by enquiring?

    • Hello there! Welcome back haha

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