Everybody what should I do in this situation?

So me and my ex were in a relationship for almost 2 years. The last year was herder but in the end we loved each other very much and always tried to fix stuff. In the last 2-3 months of our relationship we had a talk and ever since, our relationship was going better. She even said it was better and had nothing to say... And then there was a day, 2 weeks ago, she said she needed the weekend think and we wouldn't see each othe because she was lost. She realised that she wasn't herself in the relationship and prefered to leave simply because she was tired of trying and that she could wait for me to "change" even though she still loves me deeply. We are still friends but for now we dont really talk to each other. I'm asking her to come take her stuff so I could move on and secretly because I would see her again. The thing is she always say she would say next week or I asked her again and she said Saturday but it depends on so much stuff so i should'nt count on it. What does this means?
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She also said that we can't say to each other that we are still in love for the next 6 months. And after that we will see :(
Everybody what should I do in this situation?
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