Should I try to be his friend or just stop?

This guy I have been seeing broke it off last night, last week he accused me of lying and sleeping with someone else (though we aren't together), I denied it but I don't think he believed me. I texted him Monday that I didn't do anything; he responded by trying to come over to my house however I wasn't home. I asked him to come over tomorrow he said he had to see, then last night he texts me gn FRIEND (which he never texted me before). I asked him if I should stop trying to be anything else with him and he said yes.
I asked him why and he said you tell me but he won't give me a reason. He tried to start casual conversation after that but I was sad and I told him it didn't matter and have a good life. This morning I asked if he was still going to come over tomorrow he said probably not. I told him that I appreciate him for telling me but it hurts. He read my message but didn't respond. I am really said because I haven't done anything wrong. I really want to text him again but I don't want to sound needy especially after I said my feelings were hurt. I want to be his friend at least because thats how we started this. Should I text him or just stop. I'm sad lol
Should I try to be his friend or just stop?
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