I feel like he left me out?

So we're talking and not going out really yet because of the distance he says. But he invited me to a party at his place at first I said no. He looked kinda sad when I said that but he said he wasn't when I asked him. But I could tel that he was kinda disappointed. Anyways like 2 days latter I text him that I'm gonna come but late and he texts back a smiley face. Anyways when I was there I felt like he didn't even acknowledge that I was even there and that he didn't pay any attention to me. I felt like it was him and his friends in one circle and me all alone. I felt like he was different towards me while he was in front of everyone else than when he's alone with me. So after being there a while I go outside and talk on my phone because I feel left out. So after like 10-20 min of being outside I text him that I am leaving. 10minutes afterward I start to walk to my car and I heard him yell my name and he walks towards me. He asks me why I m leaving, am I mad at him?, why I'm mad at him. I'm like no and he's like I feel like your mad at me. Then he's like sorry you're disappointed and that he will make it up to me. Then a peck on the lips. So d I have the right to be a little mad at him?

I just feel like he left me out and didn't even talk to me while he was there. He left me there alone by myself fully knowing that I barely knew anyone there while he was mingling around with everyone else. I drove a hr away to his party at 11:00pm...:-(.
There was alcohol there so that could have been a factor...
We made up. He apologized.


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  • no don't look for excuses as alcohol could be a factor ... I will be direct! he left you out ...which means one of the two : 90% he is not into you , 10% he wanted you to go and talk to him .. but no..it was his party and you were not supposed to do that , so there is a huge maybe that he doesn't like you ( I know you didn't mention anything about feelings but I just like being clear .. you can ignore me lol ) , anyway no don't be mad . but be as diplomat as possible .. if he calls you don't answer the first time .. if he calls you again later , answer but cold . if he asks you out be like " nah I don't feel like " or " maybe some other time " .. show him ur not interested in going out with him because of his lame behavior ... but don't show you are sad or he will consider you close minded .. or acting like a kid or something .. don't forget to be all natural ;-)

    optional : try indirectly to 'teach' him how to treat someone like you ( yes you have to make yourself valuable to everyone ) .. you are not just anyone .. you deserve something better .. ( if you know what I mean ) . good luck =)

    • Idk its weird. I mean this dude has met my family at my grad party and I've met both of his moms/his younger sisters and he finds the time to hang out with me even though we live like 50 miles apart(2 different cities). But he texted me like 30 mins ago "R you mad at me?" and I haven't text him back yet because partly kinda dissapointed from the party and I need to clear my head about how I feel and why I'm mad.

    • Thank you 4 ur advice.

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  • He was being the host, maybe he could have given you more attention which is what you were upset about, or you could have had fun and chated and socialised with other people their and had fun. You make your own fun, you went their to see him, instead of joining the party and having fun...

    • Um it's kinda hard to socialize with other people when everyone is in their own groups. I did talk to one of his roommates and one girl that I knew for a while.

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