My ex is doing my roof?

i thought I would be fine and all with seeing him like for 8 hours a day but well the problem is that I think I still do like him I just don't know if he likes me or even if he has a girlfriend. the way he "broke up" is that after dating for about 2 months and seeing each other like 3 times the whole time we were dating (long distance relationship) we finally decided to have a break and that when he gets is drivers license that he would come over and talk to me about it face to face (he lived in a state is right next to the state I live in and its only a 20 min drive) but that never happened and well we never talked again after that. so yeah that was our "break up". so what do I do about the liking thing? I don't want to ask him and it turns out that he doesn't like me and look like a fool so help is greatly appreciated =]


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  • so no driver's license and living just 20 min away, still can't talk or see you...a problem...a good reason to break up


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