Should I break up with my boyfriend? He's very loving and has a good heart?

I know it's silly to ask such a question here, but i would really just like to see other peoples opinions on my situation.

I've been with my boyfriend almost a year. Im certain he loves me, and i love him back.
He's my first everything, and i know he adores me.
But he barely calls me, and we only get to see each other once a week.

But it's not the lack of calls which gets to me, its the lack of deep conversation we have in person and in text. I know it seems silly, but I'm such a deep soul i feel something is missing because of that.

Everything else is great about him, he genuinely very loving, kind and has a great heart, he would never intentionally hurt me etc.
But we just dont speak deeply, everything feels like small talk all the time.

I've mentioned this before and he just says he's quiet or he will try harder, or insists i just start up a topic on the spot, and when i do he barely responds.

Is this a silly reason to break up with someone? am i being ungrateful for what i have?

Part of me thinks what happens if i do meet someone i can speak with deeply...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ever thought he might find it hard to know what to say? If you feel like that and know he does then you are definitely silly thinking of wanting more as loyalty and love is a rare thing these days

    • Thats whats got me in two minds.
      I'm aware they are very rare things to find...

Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't blame you for breaking up with him over that to be honest. I also love having deep conversations with people and I don't think any relationship I was in would work out if the guy wasn't into having deep conversations with me. I've even ended friendships (not outright, just gradually started becoming more distant...) over lack of deep conversations. So I know how you feel and you have every right to want more.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I bet if you find out what his hobbies are you can strike up a conversation about that.

    • i know his hobbies, we speak about them.
      I think hobbies is the basic kind of conversation most people have.
      We're in a relationship, i want more than the basics.

  • hey ! i think it's silly to break up with this guy who seems to be the perfect guy. most guys are not into having deep conversations but you'll have to find a way to squeeze in those talks while talking about something he likes or so.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think there is any "silly" reason to break up with someone. If you don't feel a connection or if you are unhappy, then what other reason do you need? If you are unfulfilled in this relationship then you have every right to end it and try to find someone else who you have more in common with and can have more to talk about.


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