How to deal with an ex?

my x and I have broke up 3times

2 of the reasons because he cheated!

i stopped talking to him for a while now he's texting me again

calling me cute,sexy asking can he call me

I'm not interested in him! but I don't mind being his friend

should I just stop talking to him?


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  • Stop talking. He's done you no favors and sounds like a creep. I am surprised you would want him in your life at all.


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  • just be his friend and kind of string him along. get what you want out of the relationship but don't worry about him. date other guys if you want single if you want to...keep him at arms length and talk to him whenever you feel like it but don't get back with him and don't make him a priority..this guy cheated twice I don't feel bad for him and neither should you!

  • No way. DO NOT EVER TALK TO HIM AGAIN. He's had plenty of chances. He doesn't sound intrested in being friends. I would tell him if he ever texts me again I'll call the cops.

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