Texting the ex while she's away... What does it mean?

My ex and I have been friendly with each other for a while now. We've hung out a few times since the break up then last week she went on vacation with a female friend of hers. She was gone for about 10 days and we've been texting the whole time. One night she texted me at midnight when she knows I work at 7am every day to tell me about a movie, let's me know that she's drinking and then later that night at 2:30am she texts me to tell me that she's lonely and has no one to snuggle with. A few days later she texts me again from her sister's house at midnight and we end up going back and forth for a few hours. I'm exhausted, I work two jobs and told her a few times during that conversation that I needed to go to bed and she just wouldn't let up.

She got back today and I texted her to see if she made it in alright and welcome her back to CA and she jokingly said that she didn't come back then a few minutes later said she was walking her dog. I said that now that she was back we should hang out soon and her response was 'meh whatev.'

Is she playing hard to get? Is she flirting with me? I'm entirely confused by her behavior.


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  • She was honestly probbaly just drunk when she was texting you on her vaca...Don't text her for a while. Don't answer if she texts you...She'll be crawlin back to ya

    • She was definitely drunk or at least buzzed for the snuggling comments one night but the other night at her sister's she said they were playing board games and her sisters don't really drink very much at all.

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