He asked me to a dance and canceled it?

He took the time to write me a letter asking me to a dance. He claims he's busy, and that he likes me. But never takes me out, I said we should hangout sometime and he said "we should"... he then told me he had to work that day of the dance... but then I came across the video of the dance he asked me to and he was there with another girl. But then a week ago he kissed me. Keep in mind this has been ongoing for 6 months and it's going nowhere... I'm so heartbroken... what do I do?


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  • unfortunatley this seems like a clear case of the guy stringing the girl along. He either has a girlfriend already or is going on dates with several women at once. if it's the second case then he most likely is genuinly interested in you but he is, unfortunately, more interested in someone else or has had more history with another person. if it is the first option he's just asshole. since its been 6 months of this I would just be blunt and tell him you say him dancing there with someone else and that (if he's single) to make a decision or (if he's in a relationship) break up with him because you deserve better than that


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