What does it mean when a guy says: Not sure yet, it just isn't the same?

My boyfriend and I have been having some problems lately and we have been trying to work them out. Last night out of the blue he brings the problem back up and I apologize again... then I say: I want to try and work on it.

He says: not sure yet, it just isn't the same.

To me obviously things change when you have a fight or a problem. Does he really think things are supposed to stay exactly the same.
What does that mean? Do you think we are breaking up? Any advice would be great! Thanks


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  • you are on edge of breaking up... listen even if if you were wrong in past and you. have apologize for the same and he brings up the topic again and again.. dear its time to breakup.. because he doesn't seem to let go things... he will always blame you and you will be always sad due to it..
    so dear jist break things iwth up as soon as possible and try to forget gim.. based on personal experience*


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  • My boyfriend said a similar thing a couple weeks ago, so I just backed right off. I only said goodnight to him and even then, sometimes I'd wait til he said it first. Last night he came around and we talked and now things are fine again. Just give him some space and let him miss you. He'll come around


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  • Sounds like it's time to move on. Either he's bringing up the past because he can't get over it or he's using that as the reason to break it off with you either way it's best to move on. He's scared to break it off with you it sounds like. I'm sorry and hope for the best for you


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