How to forget her?

I was with a girl for 6 months, it was great but it wasn't anything serious. After it ended I told her I need some space so we weren't talking for almost two months. After that time I texted her because I wanted to end it in friendly way so I just texted her that I'm open to have any kind of conversation with her. Since then, she's texting me everyday, I keep bumping to her more than ever and she even bought me a bday present. I want to forget her, I already have a different girlfriend, but the other girl is still around me and texting with me, talking with me... When I see her I just say "Hi" to her and I'm trying to get away, but she always want to talk.
I want to forget her because I still have some feelings for her and I don't want to ruin my current relationship, but I just can't tell her that I don't want to talk with her anymore or just block her, I'm just not like that. Any other ideas?


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  • I'm not saying you did anything wrong but this girl is probably hoping that you wanted to be with her again and still likes you as well. which sounds like it by the way you are describing her behavior. You need to let her go so she can move on and unfortunately even though you were trying to do a good thing by being friendly I think it will just be hurting her and confusing her even more. Just apologize for getting back in contact and that it was because you didn't want there to be any hard feelings between you both. As for for gettig about her it will help not texting her and hearing from her all the time, it's hard to forget someone when they are always there. If you truly are serious about your current girlfriend I think you owe it to both girls to let your previous one go.

    • Thank you, this really helped me. I don't think it would hurt my current relationship, I'm not that guy who would end relationship because of someone else, but it's hurting my feelings right now, you know, when she sends me picture of herself, talking about us and so on,... it's just... phew, hard for me. I'm going to tell her when she comes back from school trip. Thanks a lot :-)

    • I'm glad it gelled it definatly sounds like she is trying to get you back. It will save you both pain and allow her to also move on instead of hoping she will get another chance.

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  • nothing works unfortunatly. I would say just continue on and let time eat away that feeling


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