How come the second time around he seems like a totally different person?

I dated a guy for almost a year. I had a rough patch in life with family health. I felt it all going down hill. After I accepted what was going on with my family members we started seeing each other again, holding hands, talking about how things were going with us and our families. Things were good, but they weren't. I had a gut feeling something was off. Things seemed different. He seemed different. I found out he was talking to other women sexual. I felt betrayed. I told him he did good cause they were gross, I was better and deserved better. (and I'm not even kidding, they were actually gross slobs/easy women). I told him I didn't want anything to do with him and I had meant it. He came back with "Whatever." as a reply. I quit talking to him, I didn't want him near me. If I saw him around I wouldn't acknowledge he was there. When I was alone, if I thought about him I'd pep talk myself out of it. Even if I had the urge to talk to him I'd remind myself what happened. Before him, I hadn't dated for 5yrs. Couldn't find anyone I actually liked or cared to be around. I met the one this post is about and didn't see it coming. Even he agreed it was weird. It probably sounds dumb and corny but we said it's like a fate type thing. Like walking into a room, connecting eyes and then everything unfolds after that. We knew basically the same people, wondered if we ever crossed paths before and we just didn't talk. Weird stuff like that. I decided I was going to be single again. It's better I felt. I enrolled myself in school again and focused on my child and myself. I gave him his stuff back the day we split so there would be no reason to talk to him or see him other than at work (he avoided me at work and I didn't mind). Then he started coming around at work but I didn't acknowledge him being in front of me or in the room. No one knew we were seeing each other at work.-
-He had text 2wks later and told me I looked REALLY pretty. I didn't reply back. He text me 4wks later (I had to eventually work alongside him) if I could please help him with something at his place because he couldn't get anyone else to and sounded off. I didn't want to at all but was thinking just help, leave and be nice.-
-He text me 4 days later and asked what I was up to. He then asked later in the night what happend to the guy I was talking to? I annoyed, answered. I told him I quit talking to him and just wanted to be single. He sent me a smiley face, I turned my phone off and went to bed. He started texting me all the time, started talking about having kids in person, wants me to see him all the time. My co-worker which is also my friend wanted to know w


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  • Well i guess Just like you missed him after breaking up , He's missing you too. Just you were powerful enough to suppress ur feelings to talk to him because he betrayed you. but he isn't ashamed. He now came to know ur importance.
    Do what you want to, forgive him or Stay single untill you find someone else :) your choice

    • I just don't want him to do it again. I'm not really sure what to do so I keep my distance but I'm nice. I want to talk about it but in the same breath I'd like to forget it. I don't know honestly so I just keep to myself for the most part til I figure it out. I do miss and care for him but that hurt.

    • if you can't trust him, Dont start anything again. A relationship is based on trust, lack of trust destroys relationship. and it is of no use to be in a relationship without trust

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