I'm 26 he's 28 Dated for 12 years try dating twins. Gone through a lot I want to catch but I don't know happened before I always email him then boom?

Dated for 12 years he broke up with me in December for just fighting and me pretty much going out a lot and him being stressed with his business blocked me off of everything didn't say anything left all his stuff I only texted him once and knew I was blocked. He did this a few times for long periods of time guy randomly came up 2me at work and said are you toms ex gf? I said yes y? well I was just at his warehouse he said if I knew you and that you were a good girl to say hi. SoI called his twins ex who weirdly broke up w/ his ex girlfriend same day (they always feed each other egg each other on) she said "weird because I just got a Facebook message 2days ago from Bryan apologizing I was like what! He apologized &that tom and him split the business and don't talk have there own warehouses now. The 1st time these 2 EVER been apartSO now I want to send an email saying."hey there some random man came up to me at work and mentioned he was at your warehouse. I was a little taken back since it's been awhile but was a little happy to hear your name. I'm reaching out because just wondering what's new and how you are! I also wanted to apologize regarding the situation inadequate feelings are unhealthy and I'm really embarrassed for how I personally was to you and me.. along the lines of that. help do I or no


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  • I think the mail you are writing is pretty friendly enough. If you dont wanna get back with him, i would suggest to "was delightfully taken aback" instead "happy to hear your name"

    And most importantly, do not immediately reply to his response. Take a week or 2.

    • I do probably want to get back with him one day but I don't know I'm scared to be too much cause he probably is like I'm done we already been through it tried it time to move on although he's said this before and I never thought we would get back together but I always have that in the back of my mind

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    • If you want him back, it is not too much.

    • Thank u !

  • Fortunately, I have a fraternal twin sister but she's been married to my childhood best friend the past five years. Now back to your situation. Just be a woman and speak your heart. Nothing wrong with that. What person is without faults or mistakes?

  • Have you seen my messages, Kate?


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