Cheating... If you love your new partner, is it wrong to make up a reason why you can't be with your original?

Say you're a 30 something and your in a toxic relationship. He's a drunk and he is unemployed. He constantly insults You, then the man who you have loved since high school shows up and confesses he's always wanted you. This woman later leaves her first man for her second. She lies to protect the first man's feelings, and he never finds out she's been cheating on him.

Is she a terrible human?
Can cheating be justified in this or any situation?
  • She is not a terrible human. Cheating can be justified.
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  • She is not a terrible human, because at least she broke up with her husband eventually
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  • She is a terrible Person not for cheating, but for leaving her husband
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  • She is a terrible Person because Cheating is NEVER justified
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  • It doesn't matter what the circumstances are, you're a piece of shit if you cheat. In this situation she should break up with the first man THEN pursue the new relationship.


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