Why does my ex girlfriend contact me?

my girlfriend ended our relationship - and was quite nasty about it - I tried to ask her why and get back together but she was having non of it.

I eventually accepted it and had no contact with her - every 2 or 3 months since she would email me say a few words then just vanish again.

At the beginning of the year she tried emailing me and I just ignored her - she kept trying but I still ignored her - she has attempted to message me on msn and I have answered but again she would say a few words and vanish - recently she has messaged me at least once a week - each time talking a bit longer - then she messaged me and we talked for about a couple of hours - what is up to - why has she kept in touch when it was her who ended things and was adamant that things were over


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  • It's really impossible to give an accurate assessment as to why she's doing this-nobody really knows why but her. However if I had to guess, I'd say there are a couple possibilities that just pop into my head.

    1. She may just be a mean person (judging by the way you described her), and is just playing with you. Seeing if she can lead you on.

    2. She may have gotten out of another relationship and wants to treat you as a "stand by".

    3. Hell, she might just be interested in getting in contact with you, it's not entirely impossible.

    Like I said, it's impossible to really say why she's acting why she is. This is just my attempt to analyze her judging by her actions.


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