Why is she doing this?

I was dumped by my girlfriend a month ago and i went no contact and told her to call me if she ever changes her mind. Last time we saw eachother was 2 weeks ago when i returned some of her stuff. She told me that she was unsure about her feelings and didn't know if breaking up was a good idea. I didn't really bother commenting anything and the whole thing sounded a bit childish. I told her that i can't be friends with her and take care. So now after 2 weeks on no contact she texted me some stupid shit asking about phone service prices abroad. She's working in another country for the summer. I can't help but wonder what is she trying to accomplish asking me nonsense that she could google in 5 seconds? Any ideas?


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  • She misses you. Maybe regrets the break up. You miss led her by saying to call you if she changed her mind but than gave her the cold shoulder. Communication is key.

    • maybe. But am i supposed to assume that this is her way of telling me that she has second thoughts? I actually did reply to that silly message. Nothing special and just told her the things i know about the subject. She thanked me and that was the end of that conversation.

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    • Well i guess i could try again with her but the thing is she left me because she still feels for her ex. Tossed me aside like a dishrag out of nowhere. My dignity is in the way and i can't be the one asking questions after what she pulled off. And if she just asked a question without any other intentions i will look like a total ass asking if she wants to get together.

    • If she's still into her ex, don't bother. Her mistake was not letting go before dating you.

  • she tried to dump you but can't seem to move on

    • I dont know if we have any other options but to move on. She'll be gone for the summer and i would really much like to have a great summer without thinking about her and what could be.. that's why stuff like this drives me insane. I tool her off my social media the day she left me but i guess she did'nt take the hint.

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