GUYS what does it mean if you don't unfollow her or delete her contact? GIRLS what do you think?

We are still following each other on ig well I recently accidentally unfollowed him but I asked for he's request again, he's yet to accept cus he's private but he's still following me and I'm only following him still only cus I think it's mature and he does not post anything on he's page. ... he initiated the break up.. . i begged for the first two but I'm not begging now it's been 3weeks now I think.. .. i contacted him once saying I hope we can be friends still but that's if you wish for it and he replied saying "it's cool, we good, thank you. .. we've not talked since then. ... i only contacted him cus we are in the same college and class and I don't want awkward run in that's why. ... we recently resumed but I've not seen him yet cus we've not started classes. .. my bff who's a guy told me he saw my ex and my ex was still giving him the same looks he gave him when we were still dating. ... i was shocked cus he ended things so he shouldn't look at him with that jealous look anymore.. .. i know I've hurt him a lot cus last two weeks he uploaded something on fb saying he rather choose lust than love.. . But he's also hurt me.. .. too. .. i don't want him back but I want him back. .. im confused. I only want him back when I'm alone and he just springs up to my mind. . thats why I avoid staying alone or thinking but when I'm okay. .. i feel like being friends is just the best. .. help me out guys and girls. ... he told me before breaking up that he's going to Miss me after the break up but there's no need for the relationship since I was not proud of having him. ... i just want to give him space tho to think cus two days before that break up. ... we chatted sweetly... and then I was blindsided.. .. what to do? If I see him in class


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