My girlfriend left me and I need help?

my girlfriend just left 2 months ago, she left the apartment we used to live in bcus sheo found on my phone, a video i recorded a girls butt while i was shopping at the store, and a video where i recorded a girl coming into a store then i went inside the store to buy cleanin stuff and she came out the bathroom and sed hey i remember u from school and oh yea you're ne... and she started talking and asking me if went out with her family memeber i sed no and she began talking i ignored her bcus i knew i couldnt be talking to other girls but i fell for temptation and started talking back she asked me if i was married and looked at my finger i asked her if she had any kids she sed 2 then she told me to add her on social media she came close to me nd grabbed my phone nd began to look for her page, then she sed i have to go nd hugged me my phone was recording this i forgot to turn it off camera, i them message her later on and it was from a account that wasn't mine it just had a picture of a guy that looked like me she sed this isn't ur picture whats ur name and she sed i have to block u bcus this is weird so i fell for it. She also saw some pictures i took of my private part on my phone i believe all this started when i drinked bcus i mever drinked in years, i got out of control, looking at gurls, but i loved my girl so much i just had that problem nd she doesn't believe i did bcus she sed i wouldn't of done that, but thats 1 part she also made mistakes at first when we met, i was an amazing guy i would carry a bible in my bookbag nd read the bible always bd i believe in god a lot, i was so loyal to her never lied always so honest, evertything was amazing i had found the girl i beged god for, i then noticed her lying when she went to cali she promised me she would not dance with her guy cousins when she came back, i saw a video on her familys page of her dancing with a guy cousin nd i mean she could of nust been honest nd not break a promise, nd i was that kinda guy.
She took longer to change, i put up with a lot for a long time i wish this page would let me write a longer story to fully understand everything, the reason no understands is because i have to explain everything. Ik what i did was wrong but i didn't sleep with no women not even a date or a kiss just what i wrote. Nd yes i am a good person i changed my life around when i was 20 years old. Nd yes i carry a bible no that does make any one a good person just because of that, doing this for years it i h
I've been havind in god and gotten very close for years! I've net a lot of mormons and gotten so close to god. Nobody here's knows my past and if they did. Nobody would be as negative on here. I made mistakes for 3 months but that doesn't change who i truly am. I stopped doing that the things i did when she told me to stop nd never doit again, we were doing good n happy, then came a bday party at 10:30pm it was late i was in pajamas, i didn't want to go she got mad and left sed she was done


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  • your worried about her dancing with her guy family memember? you think because you carry a bible your a good guy? what world do you live in? you should of never communicated with that girl , your have a girlfriend. Stop taking pics of your egg plant what if she did everything youve done? you have the nerve to worry about her guy cousins? do you think she likes incest activities? at this point she doesn't trust you. you will need to find a way to earn her trust again.


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  • well you need help with your spelling. you are 27 sed is not a word. next you are a peeping Tom and need to speak to a professional about your desire to film women when they do not know as it is a crime.


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  • well first off, what you did is a lot worse then what she did.
    she danced with her cousins, HER COUSINS, IT'S FAMILY, there should be no reason to be mad at that and even saying anything about it.

    you on the other hand, recorded women and woman's ass while shopping, which is extremely creepy, you continued to talk to the girl (even though you knew her) and let her add you on social media. did you even once say "in not married but I have a girlfriend?"

    the messaging part makes no sense at all. but your girlfriend has every right to be mad and leave you

    • I had a lot other things to write just didn't fit in the box to fully understand my situation

  • I second everything @Proudsoul said.

    As well as... it's been two months. She's not coming back. You have two many red flags.


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  • Brother, this post is a hot mess. first off, filming non-consenting people is mad wrong. especially in a sexual tone.

    it sounds like you need to take a boner chill pill. your dick is doing too much thinking for you.


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