Is This Karma Coming Back At Me Or Is It Just Guilt?

I saw my ex today and I did a dumb thing and told him to shut up. After I said that I felt like a piece of shit. As soon as I got a time to talk to him, I apologized but it was hard he kept ignoring me and I had to hold him by the shirt. He didn't say anything back and walked the other way and I ran to the bathroom and sobbed. I felt so completely guilty and very bad for him. Nobody deserves to be told to shut up. I promise myself never to hurt him again. I felt so bad for saying it that I stayed in the bathroom for ten minutes and cried. I didn't leave until I was sure he wasn't there.


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  • lol it's not a big deal, I think you want his attention and he's moved on. That's probably why you where upset

  • why did you tell him to shut up was it out of anger or annoying thing he was doing


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