Am I just being used as a filler till she comes back?

This guy parked in a parking lot at night and was stalking his ex girlfriends every move.

He saw her get in a car with another guy (she was drunk) and when they rode off so did he and sped up behind them riding the guys bumper with loud music.

The guy I am talking to did this I saw him. He broke up with his ex after 2 years together and it's been 10 months since their break up and it seems there hasn't been a no contact period really.

Why is he stalking her if he broke up with her for treating him bad? She obviously wasn't that bad if he is telling her he is still in love with her and doing all this. Should I move on?

She isn't in town at the moment and she doesn't live here anymore because she was living with him and when they broke up her mom moved to IL so she is there but I heard she is coming back in to town for a couple of weeks.

He also got mad that she didn't talk to him for 2 months. Why is he getting angry? She has been wanting him back but I think he still wants her but the thing is he lives with his mom and maybe they can't get back together because his mom don't want her there.

I found out from someone she is friends with that she is waiting on an apartment here but don't know if it's a good idea to come back. She is 21 and this guy is 24. Should I date a guy who still lives with his mom? He has a car and a job but he has no apartment of his own.

Is he still hurting from there breakup? Am I just a filler? Someone to just have sex with? Last time she came back he took her to dinner, kissed her, hugged her, and asked her if she wanted to see his DAD. What is going on with this guy? Why is going out of his way just to see what she is up to?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It sounds like he is still in love with her. You deserve better

    • What makes you think that?

    • What part made you think that?

  • move on


What Girls Said 1

  • He is. basically still in love with her and I'm sorry to say but it does sound like you are a filler.


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