Will he give me another change?

I have been dating this guy for three months. We broke up the other day because i kept accusing him of him talking yo his ex because all of a sudden he became cold distant.

I wrote long messages said im sorry. He finally answered after i called him over 5 times. He said he thinks it won't work out because he has been there before were he goes back with someone and its the same cycle.

Before all the accusing we were very happy couple but then we started to fight a lot after he seen his ex at a party because he started acting distant. He says is because I wad accusing him over and over.

Anyways, he said for not he doesn't wsnt to with me and I said are you going to give up on us and he said I guess.

And then he said you are not giving me space to think if I want to be with you or not. And I said you want to be witb me or not and he said i don't know this whole fighting turned me off.

So do you think he will be back? Or pretty much everything is over? I was always a great girlfriend but i started to fight cause he became distant with me. I dont know what to do or say anymore. I usually walk away from all my relationships but I dont want to give up on this one. :(

I don't know what to do. Or think. I'm so confused.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think he's started missing his ex and instead of being a man and breaking up with you he just started ignoring you.
    You'll be better without him.

  • according to me he won't come back if he knows about your past relations


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he's over it. You can't accuse someone of doing things unless you know they actually have. It's gonna push them away. Sorry.
    You know him the most though, there's always a chance he could reconsider. Remind him of how great you are and how you had a little moment of insecurity but are over it now.
    Good luck!

    • That's what I tokd him. But the thing is after he seen his ex at a party he didn't even want to have sex with me. Before that party we were always having sex and having fun. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm sad. ;(

    • If that's the case then I think your instincts where right. And you know what don't be sad because one day you're gonna have someone who only wants you!! And that is worth so much more. Let him go girl. Long term you will be happier.

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